Do You Have A Love Of Dragons?

Have you ever wanted to meet a Dragon? To spend time with a Dragon? To have a Dragon as a friend and companion?

Well … what if a Dragon suddenly turned up in your life, as if out of nowhere?

Imagine you lived in a normal Australian country town, and one day – out of the blue – a Dragon appeared needing your help?

Well … if this scenario is something you’ve dreamed yourself experiencing … then this book is for you. Because that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS to a family in rural Victoria one seemingly normal afternoon when Flame the Dragon chose them to be his unlikely champions!

Flame apologises for the long delay with his second novel. He has been spending too much time looking at travel brochures…..dreaming!

2016 was busy for Flame and during 2017 he’s still been dreaming up ideas for the next book.

The next talon biting novel will definitely emerge soon and his talons will soon be tapping away at the keyboard every day! Both he and Anne see this as a priority………we won’t disappoint!

Flame asks you to watch this space for updates on  the progress. He is very impatient to share his life with you again.

All the best. Anne and Flame.